Thai Pod 101 is an impressive online program that has many features to help you advance your skills to learn Thai with this very interesting tonal language. From the beginner all the way to the expert Thai Pod 101 has you covered. A wide range of different techniques offered to you from the comfort of your home or on the go with the Thai Pod 101 mobile application for your smart phone device. Thai Pod 101 is constantly is adding new lessons and has a strong support system for asking questions of all sorts.

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Why Learn Thai?

Heading to Thailand and looking for a few phrases and words to help you navigate the country? Perhaps you are looking to enjoy the expat life and live in the Land of Smiles or maybe you have that special someone in your life that happens to be a Thai person. Then again maybe you just want to try a language that is completely outside of the box. Whatever the reasons for your interest in the Thai language this system is quite solid.

Thai Pod 101 Format

The majority of the course is offered in audio lessons though they do have a few videos as well. Each lesson also has transcripts in PDF format to help you follow along if you wish. Everything can be viewed in the member’s area dashboard but you do have the option to download all the content directly to your computer. For those on the go you are welcome to download the podcasts files or the mobile app so you can learn Thai anywhere.

Lesson Screen In Thai Pod 101

Lesson Screen In Thai Pod 101

The Thai Pod 101 transcripts are offered to you in both the Thai and English language. For those that do not understand how to read the Thai language that is no problem at all. Thai Pod 101 offers a phonetics system as well that sounds out the words and presents it to you in a format you can understand to help you learn Thai.

Thai Pod 101 Breaks The Course Into Four Levels:

1. Absolute Beginner – Little to no experience with the Thai Language
2. Beginner – Basic phrases and a working vocabulary
3. Intermediate – Has a working conversation level, strong vocabulary.
4. Advanced – Strong conversational skills with possible thoughts of becoming fluent.

Lessons are usually broken down into three sections:

1. Start – The lesson is spoken by both Thai and English native speakers in both languages.

2. Review – The same lesson from above but this time they give you time to speak as well

3. Dialogue – Once again the same lesson but this time no English at all. If you can understand this section without the English notes you are well on your way.

Inside The Member’s Area What to Expect

Thai Pod 101 has a very well laid out dashboard for easy access to learn Thai. You choose your level and are presented with a series of lessons. You have many options such as saving the lessons, adding it to your favorite list, creating notes and so much more. Once you have finished the lesson and are comfortable to move on to the next you can click a complete box which tracks your overall progress.

Need Help With The Language?

Have a question? No problem for Thai Pod 101. Each lesson also has a comment section in which you can leave your inquiry and be notified by email when the question is answered. If you have lots of questions or perhaps want quicker responses than Thai Pod 101 offers a personal online teacher.

They will usually get back to you quite quickly but be aware that often the answers will come during Thai Time zone hours. The personal online teacher is an upgrade feature and does cost a little more but certainly a great addition for those extremely serious in learning the language.

Thai Pod 101 Membership Options Breakdown

Thai Pod 101 Membership Options Breakdown (prices may vary)

Extra Features With Thai Pod 101

Thai Pod 101 does not stop there and offers a series of extra tools to help your progression. Flash Cards, Daily Dose of Thai, Online dictionaries and my personal favorite the Word Bank. The word bank lets you save any word in a lesson to a database that you can access easily at any time. At the end of each lesson there is also a quiz that you can take to see if you are ready to move on to the next lesson.

  • Offers Courses For All User Levels
  • Wide Range Price Options
  • Smart Phone App Included
  • Good Support
  • Each audio starts off the same way, introducing the speakers. I have to admit it can get a little tiring hearing the same introduction over and over However, this is a minor con considering this is a strong program.
thai pod 101 mobile compatible

Thai Pod 101 Also Available On iPhone And Android Devices

Final Thoughts On Thai Pod 101

Thai Pod 101 is a wonderful course for learning and honing your skills with this unique tonal language. If you are just looking to learn a few phrases or want to dive in to one day become fluent Thai Pod 101 can certainly help you on your way. Thai Pod 101 is absolutely free to join and you will get a series of lessons to start you on your way.

From there you can decide if the course structure is for you and upgrade to more premium packages. You can pay month to month but paying for longer periods will give you a price reduction overall. For example paying for the full year up front is much cheaper than paying 12 monthly payments. Please click below and check out the course for yourself and I hope you enjoyed this Thai Pod 101 review to help you on your way to learn Thai.


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