Korean Class 101 is an excellent way to enhance your skills to bring your understanding of the Korean Language to the next level. Korea over the last several years has really become of great interest to the rest of the world. From their rich heritage, advanced technology sector, economic status and of course K-pop, Korean culture has exploded across the globe. Korean Class 101 offers classes from the student just starting out as a beginner to those that are looking for more advanced classes to already improve on their day to day Korean conversational skills.

Korean Class 101 is a no pressure system where you can learn at your own pace that you feel comfortable with. Korean Class 101 is free to join with free classes as well. Of course, there is also premium courses and will help any level Korean language student. A well-designed member’s area, amazing support and even the option to have your own personal online tutor.

Learn Korean Language

Why Learn Korean?

There are many reasons in investing the time to learn the Korean Language. Perhaps you are planning a trip to the country and would like a basic understanding to help you navigate the country. K-pop fans are also learning the Korean language because they want to understand more about their favorite superstars.

You might have an opportunity to live in Korea for work or perhaps a position with your company where the Korean language will help you gain more advancement opportunities. Then again it just might be a language you are interested in and enjoy the challenge and satisfaction in expanding your language knowledge. Whatever the reason of your interest Korean Class 101 will certainly be a great addition to you.

Korean Class 101 Format

Korean Class 101 is a well-designed course that offers easy to follow audio and video lessons on learning the Korean language. Each class is also available to you in download options such as the audio files, video files and PDF document files for the lesson’s dialogue. You can complete each class within the member’s area or have the option to store these files on your computer for offline access later.

If you are a person that is always on the go, do not worry as Korean Class 101 also has a mobile App that you can easily download directly to your smart mobile device. Learn at home, learn at the gym, learn while you are driving, basically the Korean Class 101 App can follow you anywhere.

Learn korean Online

The Korean Class 101 Course Consists Of Four Different Levels:

1. Absolute Beginner – No or very limited experience with the Korean Language.
2. Beginner – Basic Phrases and a small working vocabulary.
3. Intermediate – Strong vocabulary with a solid working conversation level.
4. Advanced – Strong conversational skills with the hopes of becoming completely fluent.

Most Lessons Are Set Up Into Three Different Sections:

1. Start – The lesson is spoken by both Korean and English native speakers in both languages.

2. Review – The same lesson from above but this time they give you time to speak as well

3. Dialogue – Once again the same lesson but this time no English at all. If you can understand this section without the English notes you are well on your way.

What To Expect Inside The Member’s Area

The member’s area of Korean Class 101 is organized nicely and will help you navigate easily through the content on your way to your learning the Korean language goals. You start the course by choosing your skill level by a drop-down box which then directs you to a series of lessons associated with that skill level. Of course, you can change your skill level at any time if you find certain content is too easy.

You have a wide range of features such as saving the lessons to your computer, adding lessons to your favorite list, creating online notes and much more. When you finish a lesson and feel confident that you can move on to the next. Simply click on the complete box and Korean Class 101 will monitor your overall progress as you advance through the course.

Need Help Or Support With The Korean Language?

Have a question about a particular lesson? Not a problem for Korean Class 101. Each lesson also has a comment section where you can leave your inquiry and be notified when the question has a response. If you find yourself with several questions or perhaps want a more personal touch, Korean Class 101 also offers a personal online Korean teacher.

The teacher will usually get back to you quite quickly. Please be aware that the teacher is not on 24 hours a day so you can expect some answers to be the next day. The personal online teacher is an upgrade feature and does cost a little more but is a great addition for those very serious about learning the Korean language.

Korean Class 101 Membership Options

Korean Class 101 Membership Options

Extra Features Inside Of Korean Class 101

Korean Class 101 has several other features and tools to help your progression in learning the Korean language. Flash Cards, Daily dose of Korean, Online dictionary and one of my personal favorite tools the Word Bank. The Word Bank gives you the option to save any word in a lesson to a database that you can access easily at any time.

When you have completed a lesson and you feel comfortable of your understanding there is also an option to take a quiz to see if you are really ready to move on to the next lesson. Premium options also offer assignments but those are optional, do not feel you must complete homework to move on within the course. The course is structured to move along at the pace you so desire.

  • Offers Courses For All User Levels
  • Wide Range Price Options Plus Free Option Trial
  • Smart Phone App Included
  • Good Support
  • Each audio starts off the same way, introducing the speakers. I have to admit it can get a little tiring hearing the same introduction over and over However, this is a minor con considering this is a strong program.

Remember Korean Class 101 also has Smart Device Apps, take the course on the go!

Final Thoughts On Korean Class 101

Korean Class 101 is a well-designed complete course that offers many lessons for those just starting out with the language to those that hope to be fluent in the future. The member’s area is easy to navigate and you have the ability to download all the content directly to your computer. For those that are constantly on the go, no worries as you can download the Korean Class 101 app to your mobile smart device and learn the language anywhere.

Korean Class 101 is constantly adding new lessons, has a great support system and many options to upgrade your package to help enhance your language learning. Remember, you can join Korean Class 101 for free and access the free lessons and often a trial is offered to see if the course if the right fit for you. Sign up by clicking below and start learning Korean today, you will not regret it!


Korean Class 101

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