I’m Andrew

Travel The World

I was always intimidated to learn languages when I was living in my home country.  I took a trip to Asia and it opened my eyes that there is more to the world than where I grew up.  Packing my bags I quit my job and headed to Asia.  Fell in love with the countries but always felt lacking not being able to speak the language or at least have a basic understanding.  I enjoy learning languages now.  I am not fluent in a lot of them but have a working conversation level that helps me get around.


I wanted to make this language website to share the programs I have tried in the past.  Some of them I have really enjoyed, while others did not fit my particular style of learning.  That is something you need to be aware of.  Everyone learns differently and some courses might be more geared for your particular style.  The overviews on this site are to give you an idea of what to expect in the programs.  I have not mastered every course that I have reviewed.  However, many of the lesson structures on each program are often similar.  Such as ThaiPod101 and Frenchclass101 are from the same company so the learning process and member’s area is very similar.

What’s In It For Me?

The main reason I made this site is to help others that are considering learning a new language.  I found it very rewarding, keeps my mind fresh and the smiles of those that know the language I am trying to learn are priceless.  Yes, there are affiliate links on this site that link out to the programs.  If you click one of my links and join up to a language program I will get a commission.  You will not be paying any more for the program, I just happen to get a percentage of the sale for sending you to whichever program has got your interest.  Please do not feel obligated to join but if you do I would thank you in advance for following my links.

Please feel free to ask any questions, leave comments on the overviews or your own experience as well.  The more knowledge and information that is shared on the language programs the better.  That way future visitors to this site can have a more detailed view of what to expect.  Take care everyone and good luck on your journey with learning a new language.