Learn Japanese with Japanese Pod 101 is an online course for those looking to learn the Japanese Language as a beginner to those that are looking to also enhance their Japan language skills to another level. Japanese Pod 101 has courses for all levels of students, all in which you can take at your own pace. Japan has always been very popular with many outside cultures. The amazing history of the Samurai, the beauty of the country such as Mount Fuji, the amazing food, the interesting and friendly people and the amazing advancements in technology is only a small sample of what Japan has to offer.

The course is completly free to join and you can easily sign up for the lifetime membership. There are many lessons inside the free version of the course to get you started on your way to learning the Japanese language. There are premium options available for an extra cost that are designed to give more learning features for those that might be more serious in learning the language. Inside the course is an easy to use member’s area, strong support and there is even an additional option to have your own personal online Japanese tutor.

Learn Japan Language

Why Learn Japanese?

Why would someone want to learn the Japanese Language? Perhaps you are planning a trip to Japan as a tourist and would love to have a basic understanding of the language to help you navigate the country. Career and business opportunities in or related to Japan might require you to enhance your language skills. Just might be your own personal interest in the country and want to immerse yourself into everything Japanese.

Dating or in a relationship with a Japan person and what to surprise them with your new language skills. There are obviously many reasons why you might be interested in learning the language and Japanese Pod 101 will certainly help you achieve your goals.

Japanese Pod 101 Format

Inside of Japanese Pod 101 you will find a well laid out membership area that is easy to navigate. The course offers many audio and video lessons on learning Japan with new lessons being added often. You can listen and view each lesson within the membership area online or download all the files to your local computer to access later. Everything is available to download including the audio files, video files and transcripts of each lesson in PDF format.

Japanese Pod 101 is also offered for mobile devices at no extra cost. You can download the app for your Smart mobile device and take it anywhere. Learn Japanese at the gym, on that long car ride, sitting on the beach. Even if you have a busy lifestyle the mobile app will always be with you.

Learn Japan Language Online

Inside Japanese Pod 101 The Course Is Broken Into 4 Sections

1. Absolute Beginner – No or very limited experience with the Japanese Language.
2. Beginner – Basic Phrases and a small working vocabulary.
3. Intermediate – Strong vocabulary with a solid working conversation level.
4. Advanced – Strong conversational skills with the hopes of becoming completely fluent.

Most Lessons Are Broken Up Into 3 Different Sections

1. Start – The lesson is spoken by both Japanese and English speakers in both languages.

2. Review – The same lesson from above but this time they give you time to speak as well

3. Dialogue – Once again the same lesson but this time no English at all. If you can understand this section without the English notes you are well on your way.

What To Expect In The Member’s Area

The first time you log into the member’s area you are expected to choose your skill level by using a drop-down option box. Then the course will redirect you to a series of lessons associated with that particular skill level. You can easily change to a higher or lower skill level at any time. Lessons are laid out in a logical order to help you navigate each section easily.

You will also have a wide range of options including saving the lessons to your computer, adding lessons you like to your favorite list, online note systems to jot down quick thoughts you want to remember, storing important words you want to remember in a word database and so much more. The course will also monitor your progress in each section and give you a percentage score on how far you have moved along in each section.

Need Help Or Support With The Japanese Language?

Confused about a lesson? Have a question about a lesson? Need Clarification? This is not a problem for Japanese Pod 101. Each lesson has a comment section where you can leave your questions and also be notified by email when there is an answer to your inquiry. If you want a more personal touch, Japanese Pod 101 also offers a personal online Japanese teacher.

The teacher will get back to you quite quickly but be aware it is not 24 hours a day teacher so you can expect some answers to be the next day. The online Japanese teacher is an upgrade feature and does cost more but a great addition for those that are looking to bring their Japanese language skills to another level. The teacher will also create lesson plans and homework if you wish but that is not a requirement. Remember this course is at your pace go at the speed comfortable to you.

Learn Japanese Language Membership Options

Extra Features Inside Japanese Pod 101

Inside Japanese Pod 101 you will find several other features and tools to help your progression in learning the Japan language. Flash Cards, Daily dose of Japan, Online dictionary and one of my personal favorite tools the Word Bank. The Word Bank gives you the option to save any word in a lesson to a database that you can access easily at any time.

When you have completed a lesson and you feel comfortable of your understanding there is also an option to take a quiz to see if you are really ready to move on to the next lesson. Premium options also offer assignments but those are optional, do not feel you must complete homework to move on within the course. The course is structured to move along at the pace you so desire.

  • Offers Courses For All User Levels
  • Wide Range Price Options Plus Free Option Trial
  • Smart Phone App Included
  • Good Support
  • Cultural, Information About Japan To Enhance Your Knowledge About The Country
  • Each audio starts off the same way, introducing the speakers. I have to admit it can get a little tiring hearing the same introduction over and over However, this is a minor con considering this is a strong program.
Japanese Pod 101 Available On Mobile Devices

Japanese Pod 101 Available On Mobile Devices

Final Thoughts On Japanese Pod 101

Japanese Pod 101 is a well-designed complete course that offers many lessons for those just starting out with the language to those that hope to be fluent in the future. The membership area is easy to navigate and you have the ability to download all the content directly to your computer. For those that are constantly on the go, no worries as you can download the Japanese Pod 101 app to your mobile smart device and learn the language anywhere.

Japanese Pod 101 is constantly adding new lessons, has a great support system and many options to upgrade your package to help enhance your language learning. Remember, you can join Japanese Pod 101 for free and access the free lessons. Often a trial is offered for the higher end language packages to see if the course if the right fit for you. Sign up by clicking below and start learning Japanese today, you will not regret it.

Learn Japanese Language

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